Africa and Ocean Indian

The strong colors, the unique and unforgettable flavors, the warm currents, the crystal clear water, an atmosphere that enchants and brings back memories of primordial and uncontaminated places. From deserts in contrast with the blue waters of Tunisia, to the extreme nature of Madagascar: you will have Africa at your fingertips, ready to welcome you and make you fall in love. Navigate through the breathtaking islands of the Canary Islands and the Seychelles, burying your thoughts on the beach and spraying your routine with the foam of the waves. Take a look at the destinations that Mondovela offers you for this part of the world and let us realize your wishes.

Asia and the eastern destinations

The atmosphere of a thousand and one nights carries you as you sail towards the rising sun, with golden skin and wind in your hair. Come and visit the other head of the world, let yourself be pervaded by the charm of this unique continent that, like a modern Atlantis, will give you spectacular visions and precious memories. From the technological and majestic Malaysia to the islands of Tuamotu, or in French Polynesia where the turquoise water remains low for meters and meters, or even to Tonga to remain enchanted by nature. Choose your destination and let the boat fall in love with you and these beautiful islands

Europe and the Mediterranean Sea

The bare and scented coasts of the Mediterranean, the climate that we know so well and the sun is high and omnipresent. The beauties of our sea are not only the fauna and flora and the unique landscapes, but also the history of which is permeated its backdrop and the stories of the old people who sit in the piers of the villages or the dolphins that dart by the boat. Are you ready to rediscover your land and your sea with its secrets? Or do you feel more adventurers and citizens of the world? Then sail to the cosmopolitan charm of Europe's resorts, or sail in the enchantment of the incredible Norwegian fjords.

South America and its archipelagos

From the heat of the equator to the Chilean glaciers, passing through the pristine and tropical archipelagos of Los Roques and San Blas, the luxuriant nature of the Brazilian bays of Angra dos Reis and the infinite and wild spaces of Patagonia. The possible destinations are many and for all tastes. Those looking for contact with the local realities will find the warm hospitality and the open and joyful character of the South Americans everywhere and will discover the unusual and unknown face of this vast continent. Here the spectacular natural beauties merge with the charm of the mysterious ancient remains and the traditions reflect, from place to place, the customs of the various peoples landed in the last centuries in the new world

The destinations of the South Pacific

Persuasive music, sinuous dances and garlands of flowers: the archipelagos and atolls of the South Pacific evoke peace and sweetness. Here nature is an unforgettable sight, the sea is as clear as the blue sky that comes on with a fiery light at sunset giving romantic emotions. The coral reefs that protect the islands make these places ideal for diving and for those seeking true relaxation, away from the noise of the city. The archipelagos of Fiji, Tonga, New Caledonia, Tuamotu, and Tahiti are on the other side of the world, but the journey to reach them is amply repaid by the smile of the local populations and the exotic charm of these paradises.

The Caribbean and Central America

Endless beaches and surfers riding the waves, palms and fresh fruit for your palates, spectacular sunsets and clear, warm waters. The American archipelagos are small terrestrial paradises and will enter your heart if you know how to live them with the right attitude: that of the sailor. Raise the sails and sail towards unique landscapes with your friends, or even alone, for an exciting vacation. Bahamas, Cuba, Antigua and Barbuda, BVI are some of the proposed destinations, you just have to choose which islands to explore. But if you prefer wider and continental places, you can sail along the coasts of lower California and Venezuela.

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